Enhancing Your Yoga Experience: The Power of Aromatherapy

It’s an ancient practice that can be traced to many eastern cultures, dating back more than 5000 years. Do you know what it is? You’ve seen it in your local parks. Sometimes, you’ll catch a glimpse at the gym or rec center. You’ll see infomercials, DVDs, and tons of challenges on social media. No matter where you turn, it’s clear that yoga is officially taking the world by storm - all over again!   Contrary to popular opinion, yoga is not just a form of exercise, but a union of the mind, body, and soul. The results treats practitioners to maximal benefits and supreme relaxation. Yoga facilitates a complete detox of the entire life system. You may be asking yourself, “How is aromatherapy and yoga related?” We’ll break it down for you in just a minute. In the meantime, we want you to think about all it takes to experience natural rejuvenation. It requires synchronicity; harmony shared throughout every aspect of your life. In their own way, both of these therapeutic practices treat you to the benefits of combining art and science. All [...]

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It’s All About Personal Aromatherapy

Advancements in science and technology have completely redefined healthcare. We now live in a world where it is much easier to stay healthy and vibrant. On average, people are living much longer than we used to a century ago. Today, we can thank the wonders of modern medicine for the youthfulness we enjoy. Well, that goes for most people... If you took a deep look into yourself and examined the quality of your life, would you be satisfied with what you saw? Are you happy and at peace? Do you suffer, at least occasionally, from stress and anxiety? If you find yourself struggling from time to time, we want to offer you a solution - one that can help you reinvent your perspective as you begin to look at life through a holistic lens. Back to Nature Over the last decade or so, humans have become more inspired by the power of all things natural. People are becoming more aware of our place in the ebb and flow of the Universe, and they’re increasingly adopting a more organic approach to their lives. We’re [...]

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Coconut Oil: The Versatile Oil For All Your Healthcare Needs

Since the times of the ancients, coconut oil has been preferred in cultures around the world. It’s been used in a variety of things, from cooking and hair care to aromatherapy and skin care - and everything in between. Its benefits have transcended generations and many of us still use this very versatile oil to nourish us today. Surprisingly enough, there are still a lot of people who are unaware of the significant benefits of coconut oil. Pull up a chair and grab a pencil, it’s time for ZENSE to take you back to school! Don’t be shocked, but you probably won’t find a list of these healing perks in the grocery store. Sadly, this miracle oil is passed by thousands of people each day, skipped over in favor of artificial alternatives that don’t produce a fraction of the same benefits. First thing’s first, it’s important for you to know the difference between the various forms of coconut oil on the market. It’ll help you understand why ZENSE chose this special oil to work with in our aromatherapy diffusers. Fractionated coconut oil, as [...]

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The Healing Arts: Using Essential Oils and Crystals Together

It’s virtually impossible to mark the point in time when essential oils and crystals were first appreciated for their mystical healing abilities. For eons, civilizations have used these ancient tools to help people live long, healthy, enriching lives. Together, they offer levels of awareness that surpasses all stress and concern. One may even go as far as to suggest that this heavenly combination is responsible for the most magnificent advancements we’ve ever seen in the world. While some of its power remains unproven, experts have revealed that this enchanting duo presents a myriad of benefits. It’s been proven that essential oils and crystals work together to create a therapeutic experience. The result is a level of cognizance that can help you deal with life’s ups and downs while remaining calm, carefree, and productive. How do they do it? Essential oils and crystals form the perfect union by stimulating your mind, body and spirit at two different levels. Through visual and olfactory sensory, their wonderful colors and enchanting aromas transform the vibrational energy and aura of your environment. How to Use Crystals & Essential [...]

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Meditation Can Change Your Life

When you hear the word ‘meditation’, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? It is often associated with prayers, religion, and spirituality - but that’s barely the tip of the iceberg. In its entirety, meditation is simply a way of living. It is a daily practice that holds the power to completely transform your life. Despite everything you’ve seen in the movies and on TV, there are no set rules for meditation. It is - and can be - anything you see fit. Meditation is a very personal practice that’s developed from the inside out. You can sit or stand, play music or rest in silence. Do whatever you need to do to calm your mind and turn your attention inward. When you really think about it, meditation is nothing more than being with yourself. It calls for you to become empty; releasing all thought, stress, and distractions. Meditation invites you to explore what’s known as the “great void”. That is, the space where nothing exists, yet all things live. Silent, mystical, and joyous beyond limits. When you find it, it’ll quickly [...]

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Why Is Air So Important? : Healing Yourself With Each Breath

For thousands of years, civilizations have benefited from the restorative properties of fresh, unspoiled oxygen. Societies thrived while breathing in the air that cycled through their lungs after being stirred from the depths of forests, hills and valleys, and serene mountaintops. Today, we don’t get to spend as much time in nature as our ancestors. Living in highly developed cities, each breath we take is tainted with toxins, smog, smoke, and other pollutants. If we take a page from the ancient practices our forefathers once enjoyed, we’d learn about the magical properties of the invisible healer better known as air. Healing that Goes By Many Names Every culture honors the practice differently, but the preface remains the same. Nature contains the elements we need to bring balance to the mind, body and spirit. The more we build up our cities and towns, the less these terpenes become available. A deadly domino effect takes over from there. It’s time to retrain your body to remember the elemental therapy it’s designed to depend on. Make time to detach from the concrete jungle and find your [...]

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How Wood Scents Affect the Human Body

We often marvel at the smell of flowers and warm breezes, but we can sometimes forget to appreciate the many healing properties found in the trees that give us clean AIR. Nature is cast with a wealth of wooded areas, each presenting its own unique benefits. Throughout the evolution of the human body, we’ve developed a connection to the organic elements around us. We miss many of these benefits in the modern world, but they can be regained by separating from the sterile habits we’ve grown to known and love. Less trees means more stress; a concept that many still struggle to accept. Mental health has become an epidemic in our society, and few are willing to address the root; the cause before the effect. A Civilized Decline For hundreds of years, humans have been systematically detaching from nature. We’ve convinced ourselves that “civilization” is synonymous with being surrounded by sterile concrete. We’ve replaced fresh breezes with man-made HVAC systems. We forgo real flowers for silk alternatives. Our vegetables are canned, and our food is processed – we don’t spend a fraction of [...]

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