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The way you feel dictates so much about who you are. Your feelings inspire your thoughts, thoughts lead to action, and your actions create your reality.

ZENSE SENSATIONS introduces you the start of a new existence. It welcomes you to a world filled with total satisfaction.

Align yourself with your this 9-package deal, using the divine arrangement of  CALM, JOY, FIERCE, MELLOW, ZEST. This assortment helps elevate you through each stage of your journey toward self-discovery.

Each one of the emotionally satisfying blends in ZENSE SENSATIONS helps you put your life into proper perspective. Like an army of reserve energy, this collection packs a blend that can help you overcome any challenge.

Fill your mind, body, and soul with the confidence you need to take the world by storm!






ZENSE scoured the globe in search of the best essential oils for SENSATIONS.

We bring you the highest quality blends sourced from 5 CONTINENTS.

Achieve Your Dreams

ZENSE SENSATIONS makes you feel confident and fulfilled. It offers the clarity, creativity, and commitment needed to manifest your wildest dreams. Stop delaying your plans. Now, it’s time to start enjoying your heart’s desires.

Control the Day

Reality should seamlessly encourage your success. This collection treats you to a sense of total control in every minute of every day. Only you know what you need and, when you need it most, these ZENSE blends give you some much-needed support.

Satisfying Sensations

Awaken sensations you love the most without hesitation or delay. Thanks to nature’s stimulating elixirs, you can indulge in organic essential oil blends that treat your mind and body to encourage total wellness.

A New Beginning

Our blends invite a sense of ‘newness’ that supersedes all else. Immersive sensations present the power to start fresh. Look for brand new beginnings in ZENSE SENSATIONS; a fragrant gift wrapped in infinite possibility.

Perfect Harmony

When you’re in sync, everything feels different. This collection opens the lines of communication between your heart and mind, making it easier to live the way you feel inside. No longer bound by perception, ZENSE blends open your eyes to a newfound state of limitlessness.

Find Your Faith

Faith is the fruit of opportunity, the foundation of all creation, but you may need some help with holding on to it. Learn to believe in yourself, and the world around you, with a collection that reshapes your expectation for tomorrow.


$99 $60PRE-ORDER

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Zense is ahead of everyone else and still sprinting.

A discreet, high-tech method of essential oils dispensing.

The standard for portable.

Zense reigns supreme, for good reason. It’s as good as it gets.


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